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Rock Inn Cornwall – Our Coffee

Nowadays we expect more from a cup of coffee than just a good aroma and flavour. Coffee has to be ethical too, and that means the journey the beans take from plantation to cup needs to be paved with fair and sustainable steps.

The Rock Inn is proud to be known for sourcing what we consider top quality ingredients for our cuisine, so we were determined to extend that philosophy to our coffee. We sampled loads of coffees from all over the world in our quest for the best. When we came across Puro FairTrade coffee, we knew we’d found a winning combination – a beautifully blended coffee produced from lovingly roasted organically grown coffee beans, ripened under the sun in exotic lands. Put that together with the rich Cornish milk that we source from Trewithen dairy and you have a delicious, very special cup of coffee!

As I’ve already mentioned, it’s not just the taste that counts. For us one of the most attractive things about Puro coffee is that the Belgian company which imports, roasts, blends and markets it in Europe works in partnership with the World Land Trust. The coffee is grown by smallholders who sell it through Fairtrade co-operatives, ensuring the profits are ploughed back into the communities and the local environment. Puro, working with the World Land Trust, is actively “saving the rainforests”, buying up deforested acreage and slowly replanting with native trees. The company has now created 10 rainforest reserves in eight coffee-producing countries, and has saved 31,601 acres of rainforest. That’s a worthy accomplishment!

Puro takes its rainforest protection even further, though. They’ve carefully calculated the amount of Carbon their coffee is responsible for releasing into the atmosphere from its cultivation, milling, ocean shipping and roasting, and have taken steps to offset this with their rainforest protection activities.

Like the company says, a cup of Puro warms your heart, but it’s not contributing to warming the planet! Think on that when you sip your after-dinner coffee.